Cold Cure Denture Repair Acrylic

Cold Cure Denture Repair Acrylic

You may have an established brand and are looking to outsource or switch supplier or you may be thinking of launching your own brand of Cold Cure Denture Base Acrylic. In either situation we will consult with you to ensure we exceed your quality expectations when our Cold Cure Denture Base are delivered to you. We have years of experience in manufacturing Cold Cure acrylics, designed to produce high quality durable repairs and relines to existing dentures.

Typical benefits

A strong, self-curing denture base acrylic designed for additions, repairs and chairside relines to dentures. Suitable for hydroflask or bench curing techniques. Very high bond strength to existing denture acrylics of all types.

Typical shades

Clear, pink, pink veined, translucent pink, translucent pink veined or we can match the shade of your preference.

Typical pack sizes

Powder: 1kg,3kg,50kg
Liquid: 500ml,1L,5L, 25L


CE Marked
ISO 20795-1:2013