Set Up Wax Private Label

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Do you need an established brand of Set Up Wax? Are looking to outsource or switch supplier? Are you thinking of launching your own brand of Set Up Wax? OEMdental will consult with you to ensure the product we can manufacture for you exceeds your expectations of quality. Our Set Up waxes are manufactured using highly productive techniques that are energy and labour efficient which means we can guarantee to improve your profit margins. Our Set Up waxes are designed to function in a very wide range of temperature and climatic conditions. Indeed we have years of experience in delivering baseplate wax to brand holders worldwide.

Typical benefits

  • This wax sets up quickly, even whilst warm and holds teeth in place firmly
  • Will not irritate oral tissues.
  • No unpleasant odour.
  • Softens without becoming flaky or crumbly and adhering to fingers.
  • Trims easily and cleanly.
  • Shows a smooth glossy surface after gentle flaming.
  • Does not distort unduly in the mouth.
  • Easy to soften and manipulate.
  • No residue on ceramic or polymer teeth.
  • Colouring agents will not separate from wax or stain teeth.

Typical shades

  • Grade 2 Pink
  • Grade 4 pink
  • Grade 3 Red

We can also match or improve your existing wax. Available in premium and economy quality

Typical dimensions

187mm x 88mm x 1.5mm

Typical pack sizes

  • 500g
  • 2.5kg
  • 20kg bulk


  • CE Marked
  • ISO 15854:2005
  • FDA