Cements & Liners

Cements and Liners

Whether you have an established brand of cements and liners and are looking to outsource or switch supplier or you are thinking of launching your own brand of cements and liners we will consult our product exceeds your quality expectations when we manufacture it for you. We have established many successful brands of cements and liners in Europe and Asia with this product.

Typical benefits

  • Meet the British Pharmacopoeia standard.
  • Our cements and liners can be used for routine cavity linings under amalgam and silicate restorations. As a temporary filling which can be left for several weeks.
  • For pulp capping to protect pulp against thermal change and acid irritation of overlying restorative cements.
  • As a temporary seal for medicament dressing.
  • As an antiseptic, acid neutralizing and protective dressing.
  • Has a pH of 7-8 and is not an irritant when placed in deep cavities.

Typical pack sizes

  • Zinc Oxide Powder B.P : 28g, 90g/ 150g, 454g
  • Eugenol Liquid B.P: 10ml, 30ml, 150ml.
  • Accelerated Zinc Oxide Eugenol cements are available in the same pack sizes.