Prophylaxis Paste

Cold Cure Denture Repair Acrylic

Our unique formulation of Prophylaxis paste removes plaque and deposits from patients teeth, does not contain fluoride and provides patients with the pleasant flavours they require, with no chemical after-taste. We focus exclusively on quality materials for dental use so our proprietary formulations are preferred around the globe. Our long history and valuable experience makes us the ideal partner to advise on the abrasion, flavour and packaging specifications of your own ’prophy’ paste.

Typical benefits

  • Full range of flavours.
  • Two grit sizes (normal and heavy duty).
  • Proven to remove plaque and eliminate drink, food and tobacco stains.
  • Specially developed viscosity so paste clings to the brush.
  • Thixotropic formulation avoids spatter.

Typical flavours

  • Original
  • Strawberry
  • Spearmint
  • Bubble gum
  • Citrus

Typical pack sizes

  • 200g
  • 400g


  • CE Marked