Glass Ionomer Cement

Glass Ionomer Cement Materials

Our long history and valuable experience in the manufacture of Glass Ionomer Cement Materials makes us the ideal partner to advise you on the composition, shades and packaging specifications of your own Glass Ionomer Cement. Do you have an established brand of Glass Ionomer Cement Material? Are you looking to outsource or switch supplier? You maybe thinking of launching your own brand of Glass Ionomer Cement Material. OEMdental focus exclusively on materials for dental use, so our proprietary formulations are preferred around the globe. We have an experienced team who will consult with you to ensure this product exceeds your expectations of quality.

Glass Ionomer Luting Cement Material

Typical benefits: An advanced Glass Ionomer Cement used for attachment of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, posts and orthodontic bands

  • Easy handling, low solubility in the mouth.
  • High adhesion, low linear expansion and superior marginal integrity.
  • Self curing, high fluoride release, good biocompatibility.

Working time: 2-3 minutes at room temperature.

Typical pack sizes: Original 10g/7ml, 15g/10ml, 35g/25ml, 5kg bulk

Typical pack sizes: Resin modified 10g, 15g, 35g, 5kg bulk

Approvals: CE Marked, ISO 9914-1:2007

Glass Ionomer Restorative

Typical benefits: An advanced Glass Ionomer cement which is chemical set for bulk placement

  • Its sharp set produces immediate resistance to saliva.
  • It is insoluble and has no unpleasant after taste.
  • It has fluoride release and is radiopaque.
  • It adheres to dentine and enamel and has no polymerisation shrinkage.
  • It is used for core build up, class l and class ll restorations.

Working time:2 minutes 30 seconds

Typical shades: A2, A3

Typical pack sizes: 10g/7ml, 15g/10ml, 35g/25ml, 5kg bulk.

Approvals: CE Marked, ISO 9914-1:2007